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Paid By Blog Posting

“Make money blogging!”  That phrase being spread around due to activity of more people that goes blogging. It seemed this was become a general discussion in which every blogger can earn money by publishing articles on demand advertiser on your blog, also it being called as paid by blog posting.

PayPerPost  is one of the existing programs, the program becomes an agent that gives any blogger or website owner who wants to increase revenue through post articles specifically. You will choose any existing supply and of course obliged to relate to your web content. Before registering as a publisher’s worth doing a check against the rules, because there are some things that generally must be met every web publisher as required to have a traffic / month above 500, the web or blog must be older than 2 months, the level of Google PageRank etc.. But there are some programs that allow you to come on board only with minimal traffic would be difficult to capture the existing bids.

In my experience, to be accepted at PayPerPost (PPP) is not easy. From about 6 blogs that I’m trying to register only one blog that pass the selection. Its ratio of 1:6!

But if there is a strong desire to join in this PayPerPost but have frequent obstacles in starting a blog on the list, perhaps a little tips that I use to get through to the program could help

1. Original Content
Before think get paid by blog posting and deciding to join the PayPerPost , make sure the content of English-language blogs and original content,  alias must be clean of copy and paste and not be detected in the copy scape. So before make registration you should check blog post with a copy scape .. if any posts are detected immediately correct the slightest to the blog’s content is not detected in the copy scape. PayPerPost need you to have new 2 post every week, less will reject.

2. Domain
We recommend that if a serious merge, use a URL domain no-frills free blog like wordpress, blogspot, etc. .. blogsome because of that I noticed a lot of advertisers do not accept the job was done on free blogs.

3. Blog statistics
Ensure adequate blog statistics, minimum reach 500 visitor monthly, mostly get accepted was 1000 visitor monthly, such as Alexa, Technorati, Page Rank of at least PR2 before on the list.

4. Page Disclosure Policy
If you already approve, create a page Disclosure Policy or Privacy Policy, and create a special link to the post. Put this special link to the place that is easy to see (on the main page of the top if possible, or a specific tab), and give the title Disclosure Policy.

This is important, no matter what the job is and we do it correctly, but the PayPerPost program did not see any menu Disclosure Policy at your web then the job will be rejected.

At last this type program was great but need to focus and in years you can become great publisher and reputation along advertisers.

Paid By Blog Posting

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